Brick Paver Patio Maintenance Tips for Homeowners in Michigan

If you are looking to improve the appearance of your Michigan home, you may be considering the idea of brick paver patios. But while brick paver patios can add a great new look to your landscaping, it will do you no good if you do not properly maintain it. Brick paver patio maintenance Beverly Hills MI is the key to keeping a nice-looking home, and patios are no exception.

There are several ways you can keep up with the brick paver maintenance Troy MI:

  • Sanding the joints. The enemy of brick paver patios is movement. As bricks shift, erosion and settling occur, which are severe detriments to the quality of your patio. Particularly when you deal with the harsh Michigan winters, the wind, ice, and snow can wear down brick rather quickly when it is not properly maintained. Pour the sand on your patio and sweep it into the joints. This will keep the bricks in place and prevent the friction that can cause so much damage.
  • Sealing the patio. This is something you may wish to call a professional in to do for you, but should be done regularly nonetheless. By keeping your patio sealed, you preserve the color of the brick – keeping you from dealing with the dingy, weathered look of pavers that has been subjected to the elements for too long. A sealer will also solidify the sand that you swept between the joints, keeping your installed pavers in place for much longer.
  • Fix individual bricks. Accidents happen, and if you have let the brick paver patio maintenance fall to the wayside , you may notice a broken brick or a brick that has settled, ruining the uniform look of your patio. Fortunately, brick paver patios are designed to be repaired, so you can remove the broken brick and replace it with a new one, or you can pull out the settled brick and re-install it properly. Even one brick that is out of place or broken can really ruin the beauty of that level look. By repairing it, you make sure that this look lasts longer and keeps your brick paver patio looking beautiful.

Investing in brick paver patio maintenance for your Beverly Hills MI home is a great idea, and paver patios certainly can add aesthetic value to your home. But without proper maintenance, that investment could be wasted within a few years. Keep your property looking sharp by performing regular brick paver patio maintenance.

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