How to Clean Pavers for Best Results

How To Clean Pavers in Michigan for Ultimate Beauty how to clean pavers mi

Brick pavers add style to a patio, walkway or driveway. However, because of debris from outside, dirt may accumulate so that the pavers may lose their elegant look. To prevent this from happening, regular cleaning of pavers in Rochester Hills and surrounding areas should be done.

The uneven finish of the pavers as well as its color gives it its distinct character. Unfortunately, it is these same finish that adds to a paver owner’s problems as these are the places where moss and dirt accumulate. If paver cleaning rochester hills is not done regularly, removal of the embedded dirt may prove to be a challenge.

Cleaning Pavers with the Right Tools

There are basic tools that one needs to have when cleaning pavers: a water hose with a spray nozzle, a whisk broom, a stiff brush, power washer, a mild cleaning detergent and a small pail are needed to clean your brick pavers. Monthly washing of the pavers may be done to restore its shine. When using the water hose, hold the hose nozzle in a way that water is angled to remove the dirt and prevent sand from the joints from being loosened. Choose only a mild detergent on your pavers as harsh cleaning materials may cause damage or staining. If oil or grime has been spilled on your pavers, your local hardware store may be able to provide you a commercial grade oil or grime remover. Follow instructions carefully as strength of the chemicals may bring damage to your pavers.

Sealing Pavers after Cleaning for Protection

One fool proof way of protecting your pavers is to have them sealed. By sealing pavers you not only enhance your pavers look but also minimize the maintenance problems when oil or grime is spilled onto it. Brochures may actually accompany your brick paver purchases giving you instructions on how to clean pavers. However, regular maintenance, and better yet, sealing your pavers could lessen your brick paver problems and prolong its life.

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