How to Repair Brick Paver Steps for Michigan Home Owners

Brick Paver Step Repair

One of the several benefits of having brick paver steps in Rochester Hills Michigan is the mere fact that brick steps are very easy to repair without noticeable differences when it comes to changes. Brick steps compared to concrete patios only require a small number of restorations. To make these repairs worth doing, the homeowner must personally know how to repair brick steps.

Follow these tips for repairing brick steps:

  • A homeowner should take out the brick which can either be cracked and sunken in and even worst broken. Loosen and carefully remove the offending brick. The best way to remove one brick is to twist it out using two screw drivers. It is advised to first mend whatever is beneath the brick to prevent other related problems from occurring in the future.
  • Repair the setting of the brick steps. Any person who desires to be successful with this goal must ensure that the brick is supported in place by either or both the stone base and slag sand. These are located underneath the brick paver step. Put in additional stone base or slag sand in an unfilled hole. Make sure that the material is crammed down to ensure that one brick is in the same level as the surrounding bricks.
  • Put the loosen brick back into place once the problem is fixed. But if a brick has been either broken or cracked, a homeowner will need to replace it with a new and an identical brick. Next, place the new brick in the same hole where the old one was located. Use a rubber mallet to ensure that it is properly packed with surrounding bricks.
  • Fill the gaps in between bricks with polymeric sand. This kind of sand has been proven to efficiently hold the bricks in place for longer periods of time. Unload some sand on top of the brick and brush it off into the spaces. Then brush excess sand from the steps.
  • Finally, seal the brick steps. A homeowner is advised to use a sealer so that brick‚Äôs position is solidified. A brick sealer ensures that the steps remain attractive for years by preserving the original color.

Brick Step Repair Rochester Hills MI

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