Learn How to Repair Brick Pavers in a Patio with These Tips

If you have a brick paver patio in Oakland County, you know that one of the biggest advantages to having it is how easy it is to fix and repair without a noticeable difference. While concrete patios can crack and need expensive replacement slabs or mismatched patching, a brick paver patio only needs a few steps to restore it to its previous glory. But this does you no good if you have no idea how to repair brick pavers St. Clair Shores MI.

If you need to repair brick pavers in your patio, just follow these basic steps:

  • Dig out the offending brick. Whether it is broken, cracked, or just sinking, it needs to be removed. Loosen the brick and pull it out. Regardless of the problem, you need to fix what is underneath the paver first to prevent further problems. The easiest way to remove a single brick paver is to use two screw drivers and wiggle it out.
  • Fix brick pavers setting. The key to fix brick pavers in a patio successfully is to make sure that the stone base and slag sand underneath the paver is solid and supporting the pavers in place. Add a little more slag sand or paver stone base in the empty hole and make sure it is packed down. Be sure you put enough base to get it level with the surrounding brick pavers.
  • Insert the new paver, or return the previous one into its place. If the brick was just loose or sunk in, then you can put it back once you have fixed the problem. If it was cracked or broken, you want to replace it with a new, matching brick. Insert it exactly as the previous one was in, making sure that it is being supported properly by the other bricks. Use a rubber mallet to make necessary adjustments.
  • Fill the gaps between the pavers with sand. Sand is what holds the paver in place. Dump some sand over the brick and sweep it into the cracks. Then you can sweep the excess sand off the patio. However, there is one final step to repair brick paver patio Macomb County MI.
  • Seal the patio. A brick paver sealer will help solidify the placement of the bricks. Whenever you replace pavers, it is a great idea to seal them to keep them looking great for a longer period of time. Sealing a brick paver patio also carries other benefits, such as a barrier on the bricks that will make it much easier to clean, and preservation of the color of the bricks to prevent fading.

When you fix brick pavers in a patio, you need to do your due diligence and take your time. While the steps are simple, they do require that you pay close attention to what you are doing.

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