Paver Driveway Repair Birmingham MI

Paver driveway repair is typically needed in Birmingham, Michigan because of the cold winters. This environment can lead to a lot of problems in pavers. The cold can shift the pavers and lead to cracking. If you are concerned about your driveway pavers, there are a few things that you should look for before you call a paver repair company. Employing a company that knows how to repair your paver driveway is essential for long lasting materials. Here are some of the signs to look out for before you call a paver driveway repair company in Birmingham, Michigan.


Cracking is pretty common in environments like Birmingham, Michigan. Cracking can occur for a lot of reasons. Whether the force on top of the pavers has exceeded the weight limit or the elements have weakened the material, the end result is the same. Cracking can be repaired with little hassle by installing a new paver. The price for this can vary depending on the amount of damage and how many of the pavers have been affected. Look at the pavers to determine if cracking has occurred. This can be caused by not having the pavers sealed properly.


Shifting is a fairly natural occurrence with pavers. Shifting can occur when the pavers have not settled properly. Shifting is also a very common cause of paver cracking. Weather that is fairly typical for Birmingham, Michigan is also a known cause for paver shifting. Rain and snow can cause shifting as well as the freeze-thaw cycles of the area. If you have noticed shifting on your driveway pavers, call a professional company to come in and assess the damage and causes of the shifting. This will save you money on further damages in the future.


Weeds are another cause of shifting and cracking. Weeds can be a pain to get ride of Some weed killers can even damage the pavers. If you do not have the weeds professionally removed, they will come back again and again. If you have noticed weeds around your driveway pavers, have a professional company come in and remove them to prevent shifting and cracking. Professionals will be able to get to the root of the problem and leave your driveway without weeds.

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