Paver Repair Rochester, Michigan

Paver repair in Rochester, Michigan is a pretty common service. With the harsh winters and the large freeze and thaw cycles, many homeowners will start to see cracking or shifting of their pavers over time. This is a natural occurrence that can only be avoided with a lot of care. If you are looking at different companies to provide you with paver repair in Michigan, there are a few tips that you should abide by before you hire somebody. Going with the wrong company will not only waste your time, it could be detrimental to your driveway. Here are a few things to take into consideration before you decide on a company for paver repair in Michigan.


Testimonials are one of the best ways to decide on a company for paver repair in Rochester Michigan. When you look at testimonials you will gain first hand knowledge of how the company works with customers. If a company is not willing to give you testimonials or references then you should be weary. Companies are usually very happy to give you references to their previous work.

Business Licenses And Insurance

A company that does not have a business license or insurance is not worth your time. You should never go with a company that does not have insurance. Insured companies hold themselves responsible for any accidents that occur on the job or damage to your property. A business license shows that the company has gone through the proper paperwork and requirements of the city and state. Ask for proof of their business license and insurance policy so you can verify the information.


How long has the company has been in business? Do they have any regular customers? Are they licensed contractors for other construction endeavors? The experience that the company has should also be taken into consideration. Experienced companies will be able to deliver paver repair in Michigan that will last. If you go with a newer company, ask about education or apprenticeships that the works have undergone. Education and apprenticeships can be a good sign of training in their field of paver repair.

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