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paver-sealing-company-Macomb Township -mi Our paver sealing process will help to restore your brick paver patio, walkway, pool deck, driveway and/or courtyard to a like new appearance, while at the same time protecting your investment for years to come. Brick Paver can help you create the look that you’ve always wanted from you pavers by using only the highest quality of concrete paver sealer that will provide instant beauty, and added value to your home. We use a three step process when sealing pavers to ensure you receive the best results and optimum finish. We have over 15 years of paver sealing experience and provide our sealing service to residential homes located in Macomb County, and Oakland County Michigan.

Paver Sealing Company in Macomb Township MI

Sealing pavers is an art of its own, and when applied correctly, it can really enhance the look of your brick pavers. We provide a two year warranty on all paver sealing projects that have been cleaned and sealed only by our company. If you have brick pavers that currently have sealer applied, we recommend removing or stripping that sealer first before applying another layer of paver sealant. This will ensure an even coverage of the new paver sealant and ultimately provide a professional finish. Brick Paver uses only the finest paver sealer products manufactured by techniseal and vexicon. To keep your pavers looking new all the time, it is recommend that you have your pavers sealed by Brick Paver every two years.

Macomb Township  Paver Sealing Company Process:

Step 1 – Powerwash

Removing of dirt, stains, efflorescence, weeds, moss, etc.

Step 2 – Re-sand with Polymeric Jointing Sand

Stabilizes pavers, prevents weeds & moss, will not wash out.

Step 3 – Apply Protective Sealer

Enhances and protects the beauty of your pavers.

Benefits of Using a Brick Paver Sealing Company

  • Paver sealing helps to rejuvenate, strengthen, protect and enhance the beauty of your interlocking brick pavers.
  • Key Advantages of Paver Sealing
  • Resists oil and dirt penetration
  • Inhibits the growth of weeds, moss and mold
  • Resists harmful UV rays that cause fading
  • Resists the elements of freeze/thaw cycles
  • Helps prevent insect intrusion
  • Makes cleaning and maintaining easier


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