How to Repair a Brick Paver Patio in Michigan

A paver patio in Shelby Twp MI  is a great addition to any backyard, and it can last a number of years. However, occasionally you may find yourself in need of brick paver patio repair. Sunken bricks or broken ones will force you to repair your paver patio in Michigan. Uneven bricks not only ruin the look of your backyard, but they also can be a safety hazard – they can be tripped on rather easily if they are in need of paver patio repair.

So you need to hire someone for brick paver patio repair in Macomb MI; What will they do to fix your problem?

  • First, they will need to assess the overall damage. This is done by taking a level bar across the paver patio. By inspecting closely with this level bar, a brick paver patio repair professional can see which bricks have sunken in and are resting too low, and which bricks might be too high as well. Then they can mark the patio in the spots where the repairs need to be made.
  • The sunken bricks will need more sand underneath them. So, the technician will take a wire brush and remove the surrounding sand and lift the paver out of place. Underneath the paver is a bed of sand, and he or she will add sand to that base in order to raise the brick to its proper level. Then they will reset the brick and ensure that it is stable and firm in place.
  • After this, they will ensure that the brick is level with the surrounding pavers before surrounding it with sand once again to lock it in place.
  • If there are broken bricks, they will remove all of them using the same procedure as above – by removing the surrounding sand and lifting them up. After this is done, an identical brick will be used to replace the broken one, and the level bar will be used once again to ensure that it is level when installed. If it is, then it will be surrounded by sand to lock it in place with the others.
  • Finally, to complete the brick paver patio repair, the entire patio needs to be covered in sand to ensure a uniform setting. After this is done, a broom is used to sweep the excess sand off of the patio and leaving the sand that is between the bricks to hold it in place for years to come.

A brick paver patio repair job can be time consuming, but hiring the right person can ensure that the job is done correctly. If it is, then you can rest assured that your paver patio will last for years.

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