Signs that you Need to Repair Brick Pavers in a Driveway

If you have brick pavers in your driveway, you have a beautiful, unique look that makes others with concrete driveways in Oakland County jealous. Maintenance of a paver driveway royal oak mi is simple, but often overlooked. Unfortunately, when you overlook the need to fix brick pavers in your driveway, you might wind up with a sloppy looking driveway, which reflects poorly on you and defeats the purpose of having a paver driveway in the first place.

To avoid that from happening, pay close attention to these signs that you need to Repair brick pavers in your driveway:

  • You see cracks developing. Cracks are one of the first signs of trouble in a paver driveway. If you see cracks, that means that bricks are shifting and moving. When this happens, they press up against each other, and those cracks develop. A good brick paver driveway will be solid and will not move. Cracks mean something is wrong.
  • There is an uneven appearance to your driveway. Another sign that your pavers are shifting is a sunken brick. When bricks start sinking, your driveway will look uneven and not level. This is a sign that you should fix the brick pavers in your driveway. Fortunately, this is not as drastic of an issue. If the bricks shift or sink but do not crack or break, then you can use the same bricks again without having to buy new ones. But it is still a matter of urgency for you, because you need to take action before damage is done.
  • You feel a bumpy ride when driving over your driveway. Sometimes it can be hard to see when bricks are sinking until it is too late. One surefire way to tell if it is time to fix brick pavers in your driveway is to pay attention to how the driveway feels as you drive over it in your car. You might feel an extra hop or bounce on your driveway as your wheels hit a sinking brick. You may feel these on a bicycle, too. In any case, make a note of where you are feeling this bounce, and you know where to look for the sinking brick or bricks.

You want to preserve the classic look and solid construction of yourpaver driveway repair in Royal Oak, Michigan by making sure to pay attention to these signs. When you keep up with it, it is easy to quickly fix brick pavers in a driveway with minimal hassle, all while protecting the quality of your driveway.


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