The Easy Steps to Brick Paver Maintenance

Whether you are concerned about the safety of your family or simply want to improve the curb appeal of your Macomb County home, brick paver maintenance Shelby Twp. MI is an important lesson to learn to keep your paver patio or driveway in top shape. One of the advantages to having brick pavers is that the maintenance is fairly simple.

If you are wondering how to keep up with brick paver maintenance, just keep these ideas in mind:

  • Keep it sealed. Brick paver maintenance starts with keeping your bricks in place. The enemy of a brick paver patio or driveway in Macomb County, Michigan is movement. Once those bricks start shifting, they begin to wear down and crack, leaving you with a mess on your hands. Having a sealer applied on a regular basis will keep them in place. In addition, a sealer will preserve the color of the stones and keep the elements from making them fade.
  • Replace broken bricks. Because Michigan winters can be so harsh and regular use of your patio or driveway will eventually start wearing down your bricks, you can expect that, at some point, they will crack or break. If this happens, you need to address it immediately. Leaving a broken paver can cause someone to roll an ankle or trip and fall, so you want to protect your family by keeping them in top shape. When one breaks, simply dig it out and place a new brick in its place. Then fill the gaps with sand so that it stays in place.
  • Repair sunken bricks. Sometimes, a brick might not break, but it may lose its footing, so to speak. Brick paver maintenance Macomb MI involves fixing this problem by setting the brick again. Dig out the sunken brick and make sure that the slag sand base underneath is solid and level. Then set the brick in the hole again. Fill the gaps with sand and you should be done. A sunken brick can be just as dangerous as a broken brick – and possible more so. While a broken brick is usually pretty noticeable and can be easy to avoid, a sunken brick may not be so obvious at first, which leads to careless behavior. Then you leave yourself at risk of getting your foot caught in the sunken brick and falling. This is why brick paver maintenance is so important.

Brick paver maintenance takes a little bit of work, but the results speak for themselves, and can be very valuable to you and your family.

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