How Much Does Sealing Pavers Cost in Michigan?

The cost of sealing pavers in Michigan may depend upon the condition of which the pavers are in. Although there are a lot of paver sealing companies in the area which may work to your advantage as this can keep costs competitive, preparation work could increase your costs dramatically.

On average, you could expect a price of $1.50 – $2.50/square foot to seal your pavers. However, before sealer can be applied to your pavers, power washing and sanding of paver joints should be done first. These are done to ensure that you get the maximum results from sealing your pavers, that is, getting an even coverage and nice shine to your pavers while also protecting your pavers from stains, rust and dirt.

how much does sealing pavers cost mi

With general preparation work (wash and sand), an average 400 sq/ft patio with a few steps going to the door would cost around $750.00 to seal. However, if severe cleaning and repair would have to be done (which may also include weeding and minor repairs), sealing costs for this patio size could go as high as $900.00 to $1000.00. To manage sealing pavers cost, regular maintenance of the pavers should be done annually.

The only instance where very minimal prep work is required is when the pavers have just been installed within the past 6 months to 1 year. Paver manufacturers advise against sealing the pavers soon after installation as there is a possibility of efflorescence, where salt particles may seep up through the pavers, resulting in a white coat on the pavers.

Paver sealing work is not as easy as it looks. Preparatory work, which actually takes up more time than the actual sealing itself, is needed for one to achieve an enhanced look for your pavers. Additionally, it is not just the look you are after, but also the protection of your pavers to prevent staining, molding and quite possibly fading in order to prolong the life of your pavers. Interested in having your pavers sealed by a professional?

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