Paver Walkway Repair Royal Oak Michigan

Paver walkway repair Royal Oak, MI can be a simple process when you go with the right company. If you are living in Royal Oak, Michigan, pave walkway repair is pretty common. Michigan’s rain, snow and other environmental elements can cause shifting and cracking in walkways. If this occurs, it is essential to tackle the problem before it amounts to something more serious. If you would like to have your paver walkway repair completed in Royal Oak, Michigan, there are a several things that you should be aware of. Here are some of the reasons that your paver walkway is in need of repair.

paver walkway repair royal oak mi

The Wrong Materials

If you had your paver walkway installed in Royal Oak by a bad contactor, they might have used the wrong materials for the base. If the materials were not right then you could see cracking or slipping. Before the pavers are set, the walkway should have been compacted and then leveled out. After this occurs, the contractor should have put down a base of gravel or sand. If they did not do this properly then the sinking occurs because of saturated soil.


As mentioned before, the land should have been level when the contractor poured the sand or gravel. If the land was not level, water and other elements can take their natural course and lead to slipping or cracking. Contact your contractor or a professional company to come in and level off the soil. This could be an extensive job or a very simple one depending on the amount of soil needed to level off the walkway.


The wrong materials and leveling can definitely affect your paver walkway, but the climate of Royal Oak, Michigan is one of the biggest attributors to paver slippage and cracking. When a paver is put into the extreme elements it will have to adapt. Extreme cold can make the pavers contract and early springs can make them expand. Heavy rains can lead to erosion, which will also lead to slipping. Asking a professional company to come in and assess your paver walkway is a great way to get ahead of the climate for long lasting results.

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