The Advantages of Polymeric Sand for Brick Pavers Michigan

Sand is sand, right? Wrong. When you hear that sand is swept between brick pavers to keep them in place, you may have trouble believing it. Sand is considered smooth and not great for gripping. However, polymeric sand, which is made of polymers that are activated by water, help to create a seal turn sand into a solid seal for keeping brick pavers in place. So what are the advantages of polymeric sand for brick pavers?

polymeric paver sand mi

The following are just a few of the benefits that polymeric sand provides:

  • No sealer is needed. The sand is water-activated. The polymers create a bond that seals the cracks between the bricks, eliminating the need for a paver sealer. This means that the job is done more quickly, and it is made to last. Adding a sealer to the brick is still an option, but if your main concern is keeping the cracks sealed and the bricks in place, then the polymeric sand is all that you need.
  • It protects the durability of the brick and the surface. The main reason why pavers crack is due to movement and shifting. This occurs because water gets underneath the brick and washes away the solid base that the brick is resting on. Polymeric sand for brick pavers creates a solid seal that keeps water from seeping through. Because of this, the water cannot get under the brick and loosen it, so the brick stays dry and stays in place. This is the biggest advantage to polymeric sand, and it is why it is rapidly becoming the standard in the brick paver industry. A proper surface is built to keep water out from underneath it, and that’s exactly what polymeric sand can do.
  • It keeps weeds at bay. One of the more frustrating aspects of a poorly-constructed brick paver patio or driveway is the prevalence of weeds. When installed improperly, the cracks will let in water and air, allowing weeds to grow through the cracks, which then need to be treated and pulled. Polymeric sand is remarkably effective at closing off those cracks and keeping weeds from growing. It is one less thing you need to worry about.

As you can see, polymeric sand for brick pavers certainly offers a number of outstanding benefits that other sands cannot match.

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