Sealing Your Brick Paver Driveway in Michigan

One of the best things you can do to maintain your brick paver driveway is apply a sealer to it regularly. Sealing your brick paver driveway will help your driveway last longer and stay sharp-looking. This is because paver sealing performs several actions that benefit your Birmingham or Royal Oak MI driveway.

Sealing Paver Driveway MI

Here are three ways that sealing helps your brick paver driveway:

  • It helps it retain its color. Michigan weather elements can have a negative effect on your brick paver driveway. One of the aspects of the driveway that you want to hold onto is its color. Once your driveway loses its color, it looks noticeably older. Keeping the color to your driveway is important for its aesthetic look. Sealing your driveway helps the brick to hold onto its color and prevent it from looking faded over time.
  • Sealing prevents wear and tear on the bricks themselves. Brick can wear down after long periods of time, and when this happens, the shapes of the bricks can be altered. Again, the Michigan weather can really affect the erosion rate of your brick paver driveway. Sealing your driveway will hold off those weather elements and keep your brick solidly together. As long as your brick retains its shape, the longer your driveway will stay in one piece. Once your pieces start to move, you run the risk of sinking bricks and cracking bricks, which then need to be replaced.
  • It solidifies the sand between the bricks. When bricks are laid without mortar, sand is swept between the gaps of the bricks to hold them in place. Sand, of course, can shift, and as stated above, shifting can have a detrimental effect on your brick paver driveway. Paver Sealing will harden that sand and help it stay solid, which will in turn keep your bricks in place. By doing that, movement is reduced and the risk of your driveway bricks shifting and cracking is reduced dramatically.

As you can see, sealing your brick paver driveway is a very smart investment over the life of your driveway. This will not only keep your driveway looking nice, but it will also protect your vehicles that have to drive over the bricks and reduce damage that could come from hitting a pothole in your own driveway. You also protect your family by keeping bricks intact, as a loose or sunken brick can cause tripping if they go unnoticed.

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