Sealing Brick Pavers Can Protect Your Patio and Driveway in Michigan

Sealing Brick Pavers Rochester Hills MI If you have a brick paver patio, sealing brick pavers Rochester Hills MI is a smart way to ensure that the look of your patio will last a long time. Paver sealing has many benefits. If you spill oil or grease on your sealed patio, it will be much easier to clean up. The same is true of snow and ice stains. If your brick paver patio is older, sealing it will improve its look and brighten richer colors. It can even enhance the slip resistance, making the patio safer.

So, if sealing brick pavers Troy MI is a smart move, how is it performed?

  • First, a thorough cleaning of the brick needs to be performed. If you are paver sealing in Michigan on a dirty brick surface, this can affect the quality of the sealer. Dust, dirt, leaves, and other debris need to be cleared off. In addition, a cleaning agent should be used to remove oil and grease from the paver as well, as this can also affect the sealer.
  • Sealing brick pavers cannot be done on wet surfaces. After you have cleaned the area, it needs to dry completely. If this is not done, the sealer can crack and lift from the brick, because it does not bond properly.
  • Next, paver sealer needs to be applied. The first coat is brushed or rolled on, and then left to dry completely. Without allowing this coat to dry, the sealer may not do its job, so this step is important.
  • A second coat may be applied after the first coat has dried for a more glossy look. Limit the coats of sealer to a maximum of two when sealing brick pavers. The important thing to remember is that the sealer needs to penetrate the brick and be absorbed completely.
  • Before you walk on your newly sealed pavers, you need to allow the area to dry completely. This can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours.

Sealing brick pavers is a very important and necessary investment in the life of any brick paver patio or driveway. But by paver sealing in Troy or Rochester Hills MI, you can ensure that the rough Midwest weather will not have as large of an effect on the life and quality of the surface over time. Have a professional perform the sealing so that you can be sure of the quality of the work.

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