3 Reasons I Might Need Paver Patio Repair in Shelby Twp., MI

A resident of Shelby Twp., Michigan living in a house with a paver patio knows that installing brick pavers makes that space more relaxing, striking and of course exceptional. All visitors and neighbors will be envious especially when the house is endowed with a personalized brick paver design.

Maintaining a paver patio is a simple and oftentimes an ignored task. When the need for paver patio repair is overlooked, the space becomes unappealing and later on becomes a reflection of the homeowner. Therefore, one is advised to pay closer attention to the warning signals that a patio paver needs some immediate mending.

Here are three specific reasons why you would need paver patio repair:

1. The development of cracks in the patio is the first obvious sign that a brick paver patio needs repair. The presence of cracks is oftentimes caused by the shifting and moving of the bricks. These cracks might have also been initiated by using rock salt on the surface.
2. The jagged appearance of the patio edge is another apparent indication that the brick paver patio is in desperate need of mending. This can also be referred to as sunken bricks. What causes sunken bricks? Shifting is the primary cause of sinking bricks which later on results to a lopsided patio because the bricks are not in the same level. An uneven patio can easily be fixed by removing the bricks and filling the space underneath with slag sand. There is no need to purchase new bricks when the bricks are not cracked or broken.
3. The uncomfortable feeling when walking in and around the patio is one more warning that the brick paver patio needs to be repaired. It is certainly difficult to tell whether or not the bricks are already sinking. The best way to determine if it is time to fix the paver patio is to concentrate on that particular feeling when walking around the patio.

Paying attention to the signs of sunken bricks and knowing the best time to conduct a paver patio repair company guarantee a homeowner that this relaxation space remains firm and stunning for a longer period of time.

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